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Named colors are colors that are associated with a word in a natural language such as English, French or Japanese. Every language has words for basic colors such as red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, black and white. It is also common for words to emerge to describe specific colors found in nature, architecture, fashion and art. Such color names can become part of a language such that they are defined in dictionaries. Color names are also associated with consumer products such as crayons, commercial products such as dyes and technologies such as operating systems. Modern visual designers commonly work with tools that can produce millions of unique colors. These are mostly specified with numbers that aren't well suited to human memory or thought processes. As such, there have been efforts to name large numbers of colors in order to make design environments more human friendly. The following color palettes include thousands of named colors from sources such as languages, culture, open standards or common usage.

Named Color Lists

The following are named color palettes according to color type or theme.
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A large collection of color palettes.

Pastel Color

The definition of pastel color with a color palette of named pastel colors.

Neon Colors

An overview of neon color with a color palette.

Amber Color

An overview of the color amber with a color palette.


The common types of chartreuse color.


An overview of the color turquoise with a palette of named colors.


An overview of umber color with a palette.

Emerald Green

An overview of the color emerald green with a palette.

Earth Tone

An overview of earth tones with a palette of named earth tone colors.

Fluorescent Colors

An overview of fluorescent colors with a palette.

Color Theory

An overview of color theory.

Color Characteristics

The basic characteristics of colors.

Color Saturation

The definition of color saturation with examples.

Color Purity

The definition of color purity with examples.

Primary Colors

An overview of different types of primary colors.

Color Perception

The characteristics of color perception.

Matching Colors

Palettes of matching colors by matching method.

Light Red Is A Color

Why light red is a color with examples.

Does Color Exist

Why color does and doesn't exist.
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