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44 Examples of Global Experience

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Global experiences are opportunities to interact with people and experience the culture of other countries. This often occurs within the context of school, work or travel. Schools may offer global experience programs such as online exchanges with schools abroad. Large businesses often have global operations, customers and partners such that global experiences are a core component of many roles. It is also possible to pursue global experiences on your own with travel, language learning and opportunities to live abroad such as working holidays. The following are common types of global experience.
Business travel
Class trips abroad
Cultural exchange programs
Diplomacy work
Dual citizenship
Dual-degree programs between international universities
Foreign journalism
Global academic competitions
Global business partnerships
Global business projects
Global education initiatives
Global entrepreneurship
Global interactions in social media
Global music festivals
Global research projects
Global student organizations
International competitions
International conferences
International events
International fashion weeks
International film festivals
International friendships
International internships
International relations work
International sports events
International student clubs at schools
International student exchanges
International summer schools
International trade missions
International workshops
Language exchange
Language immersion
Online communities
Online global collaboration
Sabbaticals abroad
Service learning abroad
Studying abroad
Working abroad
Working for global companies
Working holidays
Working with international customers


Global experience opportunities are commonly offered by governments, businesses, schools and volunteer organizations. These range from online discussions or collaboration to living in foreign countries and engaging in life there. Global experience may be personally rewarding and is also viewed as an important type of experience for productive roles in an increasingly globally connected world. The following is a basic overview of global experience with additional examples.
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