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50 Examples of Community Service

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Community service is the process of doing unpaid work that benefits the community where you live. This is commonly applied to volunteer projects and educational programs that involve doing good in the community. Community service is distinct from volunteering because it is sometimes mandated by a court or government program whereby it is not voluntary. In many cases, community service also looks good on a college application to the extent that it can be viewed as an unofficial requirement to get into some programs or institutions. The following are common examples of community service.
Afterschool Programs
Animal Shelter Volunteering
Assisting People with Disabilities
Beach Cleanup
Blood Donation Drives
Charity Walks or Runs
Clothing Drives
Community Advocacy
Community Arts Projects
Community Beautification Projects
Community Center Volunteering
Community Choirs
Community Concerts
Community Cooking Classes
Community Development Projects
Community Education Programs
Community Festivals
Community Gardens
Community Outreach
Community Theater
Digital Literacy Programs
Disaster Preparedness Workshops
Educational Workshops
Election Volunteering
Environmental Cleanup
Financial Literacy Programs
Food Banks
Food Drives
Free Fitness Classes
Helping Neighbors
Helpline Volunteering
Heritage Preservation Projects
Literacy Programs
Low Cost Housing Projects
Museum Volunteering
Nature Experience Programs
Nutrition Programs
Organizing Community Events
Park Cleanup
Reuse & Repair Workshops
Senior Citizen Assistance
Soup Kitchens
Supporting Local Libraries
Toy Drives
Tutoring & Mentoring
Urban Repair & Restoration
Veterans Support
Volunteer Crossing Guards
Youth Clubs


Community service is unpaid work that benefits local people, the local environment or community life. The following is a basic overview of community service with additional examples.
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