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 , December 24, 2022 updated on February 20, 2023
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An overview of culture.

American Things

A list of iconic American things.

Social Norm List

An list of common social norms.

Technology Culture Examples

Examples of technology cultures.

Global Perspective

The definition of global perspective with examples.

Through The Looking Glass

The meaning of the phrase through the looking glass.


The common types of music.

Cultural Life

An overview of cultural life with examples.

Impact Of Technology

Examples of the social, cultural and economic impact of technology.

Role Of Culture

An overview of the role of culture in society and life in general.

Traditional Technology

An overview of traditional technology with examples.

Visual Arts

An overview of visual arts with examples.

Rural Things

A list of rural things.

Literary Themes

A list of common literary themes.


A list of subcultures.

Cultural Rights

The definition of cultural rights with examples.

Physical Culture

An overview of physical culture with examples.

Music Genres

An overview of music genres with examples.

Social Culture

An overview of social culture with examples.

Cultural Influence

An overview of cultural influence.
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