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40 Examples of Cultural Influence

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Cultural influence is the capacity for one culture to influence another. This is a long running process that has been underway since antiquity and is a basic way that culture is transmitted and improved. Cultural influence can also have a negative side such as the industrialization of food culture. The following are illustrative examples of cultural influence.
The dominance of languages such as English.
A concept from French language that spreads to other languages.
American movies that are distributed globally.
Global subcultures related to Japanese anime and manga.
Sports such as soccer that have become popular in every country.
Celebrities who are recognized globally.
Popular music such as K-pop that spreads globally.
European, American and Japanese consumer food products that are distributed globally.
Japanese and European automobiles that are sold globally.
The popularity of Japanese sushi globally.
A Korean streaming television series that is popular globally.
A religion that spreads to every country to varying degrees.
Shifting perceptions of beauty in the United States that influence beauty perceptions globally.
The popularity of Tattoos in the United States that help tattooing to spread to countries where they are traditionally taboo.
European biotechnology products that challenge traditional farming practices in multiple countries.
A Japanese aesthetic such as wabi sabi or kawaii that spreads globally.
Korean beauty products that become popular on a global basis.
Emojis that emerged in Japan in the 1990s that are now commonplace.
A meme that spreads on a global basis.
The emergence of skyscrapers in late 19th century America that later spread to all large cities.
The German design movement Bauhaus that was viewed as inspiring 20th century design minimalism.
American fast food chains that operate globally.
The spread of consumer products such as soft drinks.
The influence of American music such as American jazz and rock.
The influence of Spanish artist Pablo Picasso on 20th century art movements such as Cubism.
The dominance of American consumer technology such as smartphones.
The global spread of martial arts such as Jujutsu from Japan.
The HEREpizza effect such as Brazilian jiu-jitsu that first emerged amongst the Japanese expat community in Brazil.
Similarities in myths and folktales from different cultures across the world indicating the spread of stories in antiquity.
Similar parables and sayings in multiple cultures and languages such as the HEREgolden rule.
The durable impact of well known literature such as the Russian authors Tolstoy and Dostoevsky.
Philosophy such as the works of Plato and Socrates that influenced the direction of civilization.
Political ideologies such as Marxism that originated in Europe.
European cafe culture that has spread on a global basis.
American and European universities that accept many foreign students who are then influenced by these academic traditions.
The global influence of street artists such as Banksy from the UK.
A Swedish brand that influences furniture design.
A Latin dance tradition that is popular globally.
The influence of American social media companies.
The popularity of video games from Japan, Europe and America.
Cultural imperialism is when cultural influence is driven by large power structures such as industries. For example, large entertainment, food and biotechnology industries in America and Europe that drive to dominate markets on a global basis.
The influence of a culture is heavily related to the size of its economy as economic power appears to translate to cultural power.
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