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24 Examples of the Fashion Industry

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The fashion industry is the sector of the economy that produces things that people wear such as clothing, footwear, accessories and cosmetics. The following are illustrative examples of the fashion industry.

Primary Industry

The production of raw materials for fashion such as cotton, bamboo or leather.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

The manufacturer of parts that go into fashion products such as zippers.

Business Equipment

Firms that produce equipment for manufacturing clothing and other fashion goods. For example, a brand of industrial sewing machines.


The manufacturing of clothing, accessories, footwear, cosmetics and other fashion products.


The formulation, branding and marketing of products designed to improve the appearance or fragrance of the body such as make-up, hairstyling products and perfume.


Production of custom garments by hand.

Haute Couture

Haute couture is the design and creation of exclusive custom-fitted clothing.

Traditional Fashion

Fashion produced using traditional methods such as a kimono manufacturer.

Formal Wear

The production and marketing of formal attire such as suits, formal dresses and ceremonial dress.

Bridal Wear

The design, creation and marketing of wedding dresses and other clothing for weddings.


The design and production of costumes for events, holidays, theatre and the entertainment industry.


The design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of shoes, boots and other footwear.


Specialty clothing and gear for sports and hobbies.


Firms that produce uniforms such as a nurses, fast food or train conductor uniform.


The production and marketing of fashion accessories such as luggage, handbags, umbrellas, wallets, glasses, hats, ties, belts and jewelry.


The sale of fashion from a physical shop.


The marketing and sale of fashion using digital channels such as mobile apps and web.


Fashion events such as fashion shows and fashion weeks.

Fashion Marketing

Businesses that market fashion including areas such as branding, promotion, advertising and sales.

Fashion Media

The communication of fashion related news, commentary and entertainment such as a fashion magazine or blog.


Fashion related education such as a fashion design school.


Businesses related to do-it-yourself fashions such as a shop that sells sewing machines, fabrics and supplies for knitting, crochet and handmade jewelry.


Businesses involved in the distribution of secondhand clothing.


Fashion brands may be based on an abstract brand name or the identity of a fashion designer. Brands are often focused on fashion design and marketing and may outsource manufacturing, distribution and sales. Alternatively, a brand may control the end-to-end process of designing, marketing, manufacturing, distribution and customer experience.


The following are common examples of the fashion industry:
Overview: Fashion Industry
The sector of the economy that produces things that people wear such as clothing, footwear, accessories and cosmetics.
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