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60 Examples of Community Experiences

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Community experiences are opportunities to engage with the people where you live. This includes the smallest of gestures such as helping a neighbor and can go as far as intensive involvement in local politics, events, business, education and volunteering initiatives. Community experiences typically involve some element of doing good or creating something for the community. The following are common examples of community experiences.
After School Programs
Block Parties
Book Clubs
Clothing Drives
Community Art Projects
Community Choirs
Community Clean-Up
Community Gardens
Community Meetings
Community Podcasts
Community Potlucks
Community Radio
Community Service Projects
Community Theater
Community Workshops
Community Zines
Election Volunteering
Emergency Preparedness Workshops
Environmental Clean-Up
Flea Markets
Food Drives
Food Festivals
Gyms & Fitness Classes
Hobby Clubs
Literacy Programs
Local Art Exhibitions
Local Businesses
Local Classes
Local Competitions
Local Documentary Projects
Local Entrepreneurship
Local Environmental Projects
Local Holiday Celebrations
Local Journalism
Local Political Participation
Local Protests
Local Sports Leagues
Local Tutoring
Local Workshops
Outdoor Movie Nights
Parent Teacher Associations
Performance Art
Pet Adoption Events
Public Access Television
Reuse & Repair Workshops
School Activities
Science Fairs
Senior Center Visits
Sports Teams
Supporting Local Bands
Supporting Local Farmers
Talent Shows
Toy Drives
Tree Planting
Volunteer Initiatives

Community Events

Organizing, supporting or participating in local events.

Community Service

Volunteering to do good in your community, including contributions to community culture or community life. For example, organizing a traditional dance festival that adds to the quality of life and character of your community.
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