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19 Examples of Cinematography

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Cinematography is the process of telling a story with a camera. This includes creative elements of visual storytelling such as framing and composition of shots. Cinematography also entails technical details of operating a camera to get these shots including lens, camera movement, angles, colors and lighting. The following are common examples of cinematography.
Camera Movement
Camera Operation
Color Grading
Color Palette
Continuity Management
Contrast Management
Depth of Field
Exposure Control
Framing Shots
Lens Selection
Motion Capture
Shot Composition
Special Effects
Visual Atmosphere
Visual Storytelling
Blocking is the position of actors in a scene. This is worked out by the director and cinematographer working with other creative contributors such as set designers.
Continuity management is the process of ensuring consistency and coherence from shot to shot.


Cinematography is the process of composing camera shots and operating cameras as part of the production of a film or television show.
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