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Cultural experience is engagement, participation or interaction with the customs, traditions, practices or creative aspects of a culture. This can include experiences of traditional culture such as national culture and contemporary cultures such as popular culture or youth culture. Cultural experiences can be passive experiences such as watching a film, participatory experiences such as making a film or interactions such as discussing a film at a cafe. The following are common examples of cultural experiences.
Afternoon tea
Architectural sites
Art galleries
Artistic neighborhoods
Business trips
Camping traditions
Churches & cathedrals
Collecting cultural artifacts
Comedy shows
Cooking experiences
Culinary experiences
Cultural competitions
Cultural exhibits
Dance performances
Digital culture such as video games
Diplomatic experiences
Extracurricular activities such as international club
Farm visits
Farmers markets
Film festivals
Folklore & mythology
Global business
Global entrepreneurship
Harvest festivals
Heritage sites
Historical districts
Historical reenactment
Holiday celebrations
Home stays
Hot springs
International conferences
Language exchange
Language learning
Listening to music
Literary events
Living abroad
Local cafes
Local customs
Local restaurants
Martial arts
Music classes
Music performances
Music scenes
Neighborhood exploration
Outdoor markets
Religious celebrations
Rites of passage
Rural exploration
Singing groups
Social dance
Sports events
Street food
Studying abroad
Tea ceremony
Temples & shrines
Theater groups
Theater performances
Traditional boating
Traditional clothing
Traditional crafts
Traditional desserts
Traditional games
Traditional gardens
Traditional lodgings
Traditional recreation activities
Traditional tattoo
Traditional weddings
Volunteer programs
Watching films
Working abroad

Food Experiences

Experiencing different types of food, dining tradition, cooking, food production and food related festivals, celebrations and parties.

Music Experiences

Opportunities to learn about music, compose it, perform it and enjoy it.

Art Experiences

Opportunities to learn about art, create it and engage with art and the art community.

Community Experiences

Participating in local culture and community life. For example, organizing a traditional festival or volunteering locally.

Global Experiences

Opportunities to experience foreign cultures and interact with people on an international basis.
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