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14 Types of Budget

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A budget is a plan for the financial management of an organization. Budgets are commonly created at multiple levels of an organization to track operations, programs and projects and may overlap. A program budget may track the budget of multiple projects. A firm's master budget and financial budget may track the operating budgets of multiple departments and teams. The following are common types of budget.
Operating Budget
A plan for the day-to-day operating expenses of a business known as opex.
Capital Budget
A plan for capital investment in a business known as capex.
Cash Budget
A plan for the cash flow of a business.
Zero-based Budget
A budget that starts from zero each year with no baseline spending.
Incremental Budget
A budget based on the previous period with small changes.
Contingency Budget
A plan to set aside money for unexpected or highly variable costs.
Flexible Budget
The practice of adjusting a budget based on real world change such as revenue levels.
Fixed Budget
A budget that isn’t changed regardless of what happens.
Project Budget
A cost plan for a one-time initiative of change.
Sales Budget
A forecast of revenue and revenue related expenses.
Overhead Budget
A plan for overhead costs not related to sales or production volumes.
Balanced Budget
A budget where revenues equal expenses. Typically applies to governments.
Master Budget
A comprehensive budget that captures all other budgets developed by an organization.
Financial Budget
The overall plan and forecast for an organization's financial management in a period including opex, capex, cash balances, assets, liabilities, revenue and financing.


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