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 , December 13, 2015 updated on July 23, 2017
Innovation is the processes of identifying and developing ideas that represent a leap forward in value. It is a challenging and risk prone practice that requires brave and creative approaches to change. The following is a guide to innovation including thought processes, principles, management techniques and an overview of risks.

Inventive Step

Identifying a leap forward that is valuable.


Guidelines and approaches to innovation.

Market Research

Identifying unfulfilled needs that are valuable.


Testing, learning and designing new tests in a rapid cycle of discovery.

Business Models

Turning an idea into a valuable business model that generates revenue.


Leading, directing, controlling and measuring innovation.

Intellectual Property

Retaining the rights to your inventions.

Risk & Challenges

The potential for programs of innovation to result in losses.
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Business Experiments

A guide to business experiments.

Design Innovation

The common types of design innovation.

Failure Types

The good, the bad and the ugly of failure.

Innovation Metrics

How to measure innovation including early stage, late stage and overall program metrics.

Innovation Principles

A list of common innovation principles.

Innovation Process

A complete guide to the innovation process.

Innovation Strategy

A list of innovation strategies.


Common ways to prototype an idea, product, service, process or creative work.

Types of Innovation

The common types of innovation.

User Innovation

A definition of user innovation with examples.

Fail Often

An overview of fail often innovation.

Lead User

A definition of lead user with examples.

Moment Of Truth

A definition of moment of truth with a few examples.

Proof Of Concept

The common types of proof of concept.


The common types of commercialisation.

Thought Processes

A list of thinking approaches and types.


A few logic terms explained.

Cognitive Biases

A list of common cognitive biases explained.

Abstract Ideas

A few dangers of being too abstract.

Objective vs Subjective

The difference between objective and subjective.

Intellectual Diversity

A definition of intellectual diversity with examples.

Creative Value

The definition of creative value with examples.

Anecdotal Evidence

The definition of anecdotal evidence with examples.

Benefit Of Doubt

The definition of benefit of doubt with examples.


The definition of pessimism with examples.
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