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Consumer Market

19 Examples of Markets

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A market is a platform, system or forum of exchange that connects two sides with complementary needs such as buyers and sellers. The following are common examples.

Financial Markets

Large scale platforms of financial exchange such as stock, bond, derivatives, commodity and money markets.


A market that is conducted by a dealer network. Typically involves some level of human negotiation. Many financial markets are over-the-counter including major bond markets.


A market for insurance companies to buy insurance. A method of transferring risk.


Platforms that allow people to pitch projects, ventures and causes to a community to raise funds. A potential challenge to traditional methods of finance.

Farmer's Markets

Physical locations that are used to sell agricultural products directly to consumers.

Wholesale Markets

Electronic platforms and physical locations for selling to businesses such as retailers, restaurants and distributors.

Trade Fairs

Industry events that are open to industry insiders and/or the public. In many cases, trade fairs are essentially marketing events but are also important to closing business-to-business sales.


The market for event tickets.

Digital Assets

Markets for digital assets such as domain names.

Platform Markets

A market for products and services related to a technology platform. For example, an app market for a type of mobile device.


A general term for an electronic exchange of products and services.


A market based on competitive bidding.


Markets for used items such as cars, industrial equipment or vintage clothing.


The market for art as an investment or for the enjoyment of the buyer. Art is an unusual market as it can be difficult to value with some items considered "priceless."


The market for antiques and other collectables such as limited edition pop culture items.


The market for people's attention.

Job Market

Platforms and agents who connect workers and employers.

Real Estate Market

The market for real estate typically involves agents representing both buyers and sellers.


Two-sided markets that connect people for social purposes such as dating.
Overview: Markets
A platform, system or forum of exchange that connects two sides with complementary needs.
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