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21 Types of Investment

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An investment is a means of putting capital to work to create value. This concept is often extended to include speculation, or the process of trying to gain wealth by guessing about prices. Investments are the key to economic productivity as they allocate capital to productive uses. They are also the key to gaining and preserving wealth for purposes such as retirement and education. The following are fundamental types of investment.
Business Ownership
Certificates of Deposit
Corporate Bonds
Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF)
Foreign Currency Accounts
Memorabilia, Art and Collectibles
Money Market Accounts
Mutual Funds
Real Estate
Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
Retirement Plans
Savings Accounts
Small Businesses
Startups e.g. venture capital
Treasury Bonds
Non-productive assets such as gold, silver, memorabilia, art and collectibles can store value but don't produce value. In fact, they may be expensive to secure and maintain.
Cash equivalents such as savings accounts are investments where they earn interest. Otherwise, they are stores of value.
From a business perspective, the purchase of capital such as a machine, building or computer is an investment.
From a personal perspective, costs for education can be viewed as an investment in yourself.
Overview: Investment
Definition (1)
A means of putting capital to work to create value.
Definition (2)
A means of storing and creating value.
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