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40+ Useful Finance Concepts

 , December 13, 2015 updated on April 11, 2017
Finance is the management of money. It is a broad practice that includes areas such as public finance, economics, banking, corporate finance, asset management, investing and personal finance. The following are common finance concepts.

Financial Management

Directing and controlling financial assets.

Financial Analysis

The systematic analysis of financial performance, positions, risks and forecasts.

Financial Metrics

Measuring financial performance and position.

Risk Management

Identifying and modeling the risk associated with financial positions and taking actions such as reducing risk or accepting it.


Stores of economic value such as gold or productive machinery.


The science of finance.


Putting money to work in productive assets.

Behavioral Finance

The animal spirits that drive markets and economic behavior.
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The common types of asset.

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Financial Analysis

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Financial Markets

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Financial Metrics

A list of common financial metrics.

Financial Objectives

A list of common financial objectives for businesses.


The common types of wealth.

Behavioral Finance

A list of the core ideas of behavioral finance.


A list of common types of capital.

Financial Management

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