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24 Examples of Entrepreneurship

 , January 28, 2019 updated on November 18, 2023
Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of gains beyond your means. The term is associated with small enterprises that seek to take on far larger competitors and challenge the status quo. Entrepreneurship is a fundamental economic force that fuels creative destruction whereby large firms that do things the old way are replaced with firms that are more efficient or that better serve customer needs. The following is a list of individuals who are considered entrepreneurs with what they are known for creating.
Known for
Levi Strauss, Levi's
Denim jeans
Andrew Carnegie, Carnegie Steel
Thomas Edison, General Electric
Electricity and electric light
Alexander Graham Bell, Bell Telephone Company
Henry J. Heinz, Heinz
Ketchup and food products
Karl Benz, Mercedes-Benz
Michelin Brothers, Michelin
Ray Kroc, McDonald's
Fast food
Ole Kirk Christiansen, Lego
Toy bricks
Ruth Handler, Mattel
Toys and dolls
Sam Walton, Walmart
Large format retail
Akio Morita, Sony
Miniaturized electronics such as portable cassette players
Hiroshi Yamauchi, Nintendo
Video games
Phil Knight, Nike
Athletic footwear
Bill Gates, Microsoft
Personal computers and related software
Steve Jobs, Apple
Personal computers, music devices, tablets and smart phones
Steve Wozniak, Apple
Personal computers
Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA
Furniture that you assemble at home
Larry Page, Google
Search engines
Sergey Brin, Google
Search engines
Jeff Bezos, Amazon
Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook
Social networks
Elon Musk, Tesla
Electronic payments, solar panels, electric cars, space technology, others
Reed Hastings, Netflix
Streaming media
In many cases, the entrepreneurs above didn't invent their products in the sense that similar products already existed when they launched. The success of the individuals above is mostly based on being first to commercialize a particular product or service at scale. This usually involves some leap whereby they make a product better or cheaper resulting in widespread adoption and economies of scale. For example, the Michelin brothers Édouard Michelin and André Michelin invented removable tires that weren't glued to the rim. This massively reduced the time required to repair a tire.


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