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57 Examples of Financial Management

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Financial management is the practice of planning and controlling the resources of an organization including revenue, cost, budgets, accounting, cash, financial transactions and reporting. This is governed by laws, regulations, standards and best practices. Financial management requires due diligence in the execution of fiduciary duty as it is fundamental to the integrity and reputation of an organization. The following are common examples of the duties and functions of financial management.
Asset management
Budget oversight
Budget planning
Budget variance analysis
Business financing & refinancing
Business planning
Capital allocation
Capital budgeting i.e. capex
Capital structure
Cash flow analysis
Collections management
Cost analysis
Cost management
Cost reduction
Debt management
Expense management
Financial administration
Financial analysis
Financial benchmarks
Financial compliance e.g. accounting standards
Financial controls e.g. budget approvals
Financial decision-making
Financial disclosures
Financial due diligence
Financial forecasting
Financial governance
Financial metrics
Financial modeling
Financial operations e.g. payroll
Financial performance analysis
Financial planning
Financial processes, systems & technology
Financial reporting
Financial risk management
Financial strategy
Financial transparency
Hedging strategies
Investment analysis
Investor relations
Liquidity management
Mergers & acquisitions
Opex budgeting
Performance measurement
Procurement processes
Revenue forecasting
Revenue recognition
Risk assessments
Risk management
Sales analysis
Strategic planning
Tax planning
Transaction management
Treasury management

Financial Management

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Contingency Budget
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Risk Management
Management Controls
Reputational Risk
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