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35 Disadvantages of Owning a Business

Business disadvantages are drawbacks and risks related to founding and operating a business. While owning a business can potentially have financial, profession and personal advantages, business is terribly competitive and uncertain such that there are also a number of possible disadvantages as follows.
Recessions and economic downturns
Potential losses
Perceived gaps in your career history if you exit an industry where you have experience
Financial risk and uncertainty
Potentially stressful and difficult
Potential for long hours and reduced personal time
Navigating administrative tasks and red tape
Navigating regulations and regulatory change
Navigating accounting, taxation and audits
Responsibility and accountability all falls back to you
Dealing with customers and dissatisfied customers
Facing intensive competition
Facing industry and technological disruption and change
Difficulty finding and retaining reliable and productive employees
Difficulty obtaining financing and refinancing
Possibly less benefits as compared to working for a large firm or rather you need to find and fund all benefits yourself
Possible difficulty securing insurance
High level of commitment and sacrifice
Typically lacks the stability of working for a larger firm
Work-life balance challenges
Difficulty taking time off
Risk of losing personal savings
Possible personal liability
Possible loss of professional credibility if business fails
Difficulty in achieving revenue and growth
Difficulty scaling operations
Possibility of poor employee or partner performance
The responsibility for employees that you take on
Difficulty in achieving market share for a new product or service
Difficulty in controlling cost
Possibility of supply chain failures
Possibility of disputes with partners, suppliers, customers and competitors
The pressure of meeting financial targets and commitments to investors
The possibility of business failure

Small Business

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