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7 Types of Inventory

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Inventory are current assets that are expected to be sold by a business. The following are the common types of inventory.

Materials & Components

Inputs that will be used in the production of products and services such as the food in a restaurant's kitchen.

Work in Process

Partially finished goods waiting for completion such as a stock of bicycles waiting for tires at a bicycle factory.

Finished Goods

Goods that are ready to be sold. These may be warehoused for a period of time.

Goods in Transit

Finished goods that are in transit to your end-customer or distribution channels.

Consigned Goods

Inventory that has been delivered to your distribution partners that you still own. For example, an automobile at a car dealership that is still owned by the manufacturer.

Merchandise Inventory

Goods that have been purchased to be resold such as the goods held by an ecommerce distribution center.

Maintenance, Repair & Operating Supplies

Supplies that are consumed in the production of a product or service that aren't part of the product itself. For example, cleaning supplies and tools.
Overview: Inventory
Current assets that are expected to be sold by a business.
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