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16 Examples of On-Time Performance

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On-time performance is a process, service, activity, event or operation that conforms to a stated schedule or time limit. This is an important metric and indicator of quality, reliability and respect for the time of customers and other stakeholders such as partners. The following are common examples of on-time performance.
An important metric in the airline industry that measures whether an airline meets its stated departure and arrival times.
Public transport that arrives on time. For example, the Japanese train system is known for its remarkable on-time performance.
Courier services that deliver packages on time or in the time period selected by a customer.
Order fulfillment whereby an ecommerce company ships an order on time.
Just-in-Time manufacturing processes whereby inventory levels are minimized and the supply chain must deliver on-time in order to maintain production levels.
Project delivery milestones, work items and product launches that are delivered to schedule.
Action items whereby an employee delivers to commitments they have communicated.
Events such as concerts or theatrical performances that are held at the stated time.
Healthcare appointments that occur precisely at scheduled times.
Classes that are held on-time by a school, university or training facility.
Financial transactions that are settled by banks in the stated timeframe.
Meetings and professional appointments such as interviews that are run according to schedule.
Customer service times such a private bank that promises to return your calls within an hour during business hours.
SLAs such as an IT support service that guarantees a response to an incident report within 30 minutes.
Service quality commitments such as a hotel with a standard of checking-in guests within 2 minutes.
A government that commits to delivering drivers license renewals within 3 days of an application.


On-time performance is an important element of customer service and customer satisfaction in many industries. It is also an element of professionalism, reliability and conformance to standards and agreements such as service level agreements (SLAs).
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