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14 Examples of Field Service Management

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Field service management is direction, control and optimization of resources and assets deployed at customer, third-party and public locations. This involves unique challenges associated with managing a mobile workforce and equipment deployed at facilities and locations outside of your control. The following are examples of field service management.


Preventative and corrective maintenance of equipment deployed in the field. For example, commercial solar systems installed on the roofs of customer facilities.

Customer Support

Supporting customers in the field. For example, servicing leased equipment.


Cross-selling to customers in the field or identifying opportunities for sales teams.


Utilization of capital equipment. For example, a telecom company that redeploys infrastructure installed at a customer site when the customer cancels their service.


Scheduling, dispatching and monitoring employees in the field.


Scheduling access to facilities and sites including security authorizations. For example, scheduling access to telecom equipment installed at a customer data center.

Health & Safety

Managing health and safety for a mobile workforce.


Incident and problem management. For example, emergency dispatch for elevator maintenance.

Service Delivery

Delivering services to the customer such as a service to maintain and clean solar panels installed at a commercial site.


Monitoring and optimizing the performance of assets in the field.


Compliance to regulations and standards. For example, safety regulations for doing work on public streets.


Collecting usage data for billing.

Information Tools

Providing workers in the field with the information they need to complete tasks. For example, providing maintenance teams with building layout information and equipment configuration diagrams.

Automation & Data

Field service management software, infrastructure and mobile tools for automating work and integrating with systems such as ERP. For example, automated cleaning and diagnostic tests for solar panels.
Overview: Field Service Management
Direction, control and optimization of resources and assets deployed at customer, third-party and public locations.
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