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36 Examples of Store Operations

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Store operations is the day-to-day process of running a retail location. Part of this process, such as staff supervision, customer service and stocking shelves, is handled by store management. Store operations also involves processes such as supply chain management and transaction processing that can be handled by centralized teams across many retail locations. The following are common examples of store operations.
Cash handling
Community engagement and outreach
Crisis management
Ecommerce integration
Emergency preparedness
Employee training
Facilities maintenance
Inventory audits
Inventory control
Inventory management
Inventory reconciliation
Loss prevention
Payment processing
Point of sale operations
Product knowledge training for staff
Promotional campaigns
Retail wayfinding
Returns and exchanges
Sales forecasting
Sales monitoring
Seasonal promotions and events
Service standards
Signage and displays
Staff management
Staff scheduling
Stock counts
Stock replenishment
Store layout optimization
Store safety and security
Supply chain management
Visual merchandising
Opening & closing processes
Sales transaction processing


Store operations includes staff management, merchandising, store marketing, delivery of customer service, transaction processing, inventory management, financial reporting and point of sale operations. Much of this is automated or semi-automated whereby store management and offsite teams use systems to manage things such as inventory.
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