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31 Examples of IT Support

IT support is the first line of information technology support for end-users. This involves handling perceived incidents and determining their cause and impact to troubleshoot and solve system, application and infrastructure problems. In a large organization, IT support typically escalates incidents not resolved by basic troubleshooting steps in a support manual to second level support teams such as devops. The following are common examples of IT support.
Administration of operating systems and infrastructure.
Collaboration with second and third level support such as devops, systems development teams and infrastructure specialists.
Determine the root cause of IT problems.
Develop reports and analysis.
Document maintenance work.
Document troubleshooting efforts.
Enforce IT policies, controls and processes such as approvals for access.
Escalate incidents and problems to second and third level support.
Escalate issues to stakeholders as appropriate.
Escalate to partners and suppliers to resolve incidents.
Help end-users to use applications.
Identify and implement improved processes and automation such as scripts.
Investigate IT incidents.
Investigate login and authentication issues.
Maintain operations manuals and technical documentation.
Manage access requests such as password resets.
Manage support tickets.
Perform asset management work such as inventory tracking.
Perform basic hardware maintenance and installs.
Perform basic testing and sanity checks.
Perform system and infrastructure maintenance.
Perform system installs and configuration.
Provide adhoc technical support such as supporting the infrastructure for an event.
Recommend and document solutions to problems.
Resolve remote access issues.
Resolve system, application and infrastructure problems.
Submit purchase orders for licenses, parts and equipment.
Support end-users by channels such as phone and email.
Train users to help them overcome perceived technical problems.
Troubleshoot system, application and infrastructure problems.
Update stakeholders and end-users regarding the status of incidents, problems and requests.

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