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5 Types of Merchandise

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Merchandise are goods that have been purchased in completed form that are held in inventory for sale to customers. The following are common types of merchandise.

Finished Goods

A manufacturer refers to goods that are ready for sale as finished goods. This is essentially merchandise, particularly if the manufacturer sells directly to end-customers.


Goods purchased by a wholesaler for sale to retailers, ecommerce sellers or end-customers.


Goods purchased by a retailer for sales to customer. The term visual merchandising is used for the process of displaying goods in a shop.


Goods purchased by an ecommerce seller for sale to customers.

Promotional Merchandise

The term merchandise is often used to describe promotional items that feature a brand, trademark or character. For example, clothing with a brand logo that is given out to stakeholders such as the media or customers at an event such as a conference.
Overview: Merchandise
Goods that have been purchased in completed form that are held in inventory for sale to customers.
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