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What is Transition Design?

 , August 15, 2016
Transition design is the practice of designing things that take a significant period of time to achieve, requiring a number of steps. It is associated with complex problems such as sustainability and urban design.
Problems of sustainability have political, social, economic and ecological elements that make them difficult to solve. Transition design is an approach that takes practice steps that get you to a future goal that may be decades away. It requires prioritizing designs that are strategic as opposed to designs that solve current problems.
Overview: Transition Design
DefinitionDesign that takes practical steps towards a future vision.
ValueA potential way to solve complex and intractable problems.
Example An urban design that works towards reducing the land consumed by transportation infrastructure such as roads by 50% in 20 years using techniques such as light rail. This design can be considered transitional as it works towards a brave future as opposed to being focused on current problems such as traffic jams at a particular intersection.
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