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What is Calm Technology?

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Calm technology is the practice of designing technology so that it's as unnoticeable as possible. In other words, it is the design of human-computer interfaces to feel like non-technology experiences such as having a conversation or taking a walk.

The Opposite

Calm technology is often easiest to think of it terms of its opposite, technologies that force users to jump through hoops, learn complex sequences of menus and dismiss annoying notifications. In many cases, such technologies are designed to solve the problems of engineers as opposed to being oriented towards a positive user experience. For example, an operating system that asks users "Are you sure?" frequently.
Overview: Calm Technology
Definition (1)
Technology that doesn't feel like technology with an intuitive interface that resembles everyday activities.
Definition (2)
Human-computer interfaces designed to push technology into the background where it is barely noticeable.
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