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50 Examples of Understanding

Understanding is to know about something. Things can be known in many different ways and from many different perspectives. For example, you might understand someone's argument at the logical, emotional, social or political level. It is also possible that you will understand all of these elements at the same time. The following are common examples of understanding.
Aesthetic and artistic understanding
Background knowledge
Biased understanding
Commercial awareness – understanding a business and industry
Conceptual understanding
Contextual knowledge
Critical insight
Cultural understanding
Deep understanding
Emotional perception
Empathy and compassion
Empirical knowledge – based on observation
End-to-end understanding
Ethical understanding
Experiential knowledge – based on experience
Financial knowledge
Global awareness
History awareness
Linguistic understanding
Listening comprehension
Local knowledge
Mathematical and numerical comprehension
Moral understanding
Musical knowledge
Objective Understanding
Partial understanding
Personal understanding
Philosophical insight
Political understanding
Practical knowledge
Psychological perception
Qualitative understanding
Quantitative understanding
Reading comprehension
Reflective understanding
Scientific understanding
Social perception
Spatial intelligence
Structural understanding
Symbolic understanding – meaning of symbols
Systemic understanding – knowledge of systems
Technical and technological understanding
Understanding why
Visual comprehension
Working understanding – similar to know-how
Systemic understanding is understanding of complex things known as systems where there are many paths of cause and effect such that change can produce unintended consequences.
Comprehension has to do with processing information such as listening, reading and visual comprehension.
Intuition is understanding where you can't identify its source such that it appears to be a non-conscious process. This is an important type of high speed thinking that has interesting dimensions.
Know-how is the ability to do things.
Objective understanding is the ability to understand universal or observable things beyond your personal experience or opinion.
Spatial intelligence is the ability to understand 3d space over time.
Structural understanding is knowledge of how things fit together in the big picture.
Different types of understanding produce different results. For example, linguistically and culturally peanuts are known as nuts but are scientifically understood as legumes.
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