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84 Types of Creative Project

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Creative projects are productive or educational pursuits that benefit from inventive thinking and originality. Creativity is the production of things that are non-obvious, original and valuable. This can involve free expression such as art or constrained works such as design that achieves a goal. The following are common examples of creative projects.

Art Projects

Creative projects that involve creative free expression. This includes the traditional fine arts such as painting, sculpture, printmaking and drawing. It is also possible to try modern art forms such as collage, decollage and installation art. Art can also intersect with other interests such as game art, nail art or digital arts that relate to video games, beauty and technology.


Craft is the production of things by hand. This is often aligned to a particular tradition such as traditional American quilts based on patchwork patterns and designs.


The conceptualization and planning of new things. Design is often associated with visual things such as graphics or digital screens but is in fact a diverse area of creative pursuit.

Culinary Arts

Culinary arts such as cooking, baking and pastry making are typically creative whereby people incorporate something original such as their own recipe or style of food preparation and presentation.

Performance Arts

Performances that are more than entertainment such that they are a form of creative expression and talent. Performance art projects can include entire productions or elements of a production such as a costume design.

DIY Projects

Producing things for yourself that are usually produced by the industrial economy. DIY can be an element of self-fulfillment whereby producing the things you need may be personally rewarding.

Other Creative Projects

Other major domains of creative project in areas such as architecture, beauty, music, literature and technology.


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