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16 Types Of Design

 , March 26, 2017
Design is the practice of conceiving and planning what doesn't exist. It is a broad term that can be applied to creating structures, environments, interfaces, products, services, features and processes. The following are common types of design.


Designing and engineering buildings and structures.

Interior Design

Designing interior and exterior physical environments that are used by people.

Landscape Architecture

The integration of nature and architecture to create things such as parks and gardens.

Industrial Design

Designing products for mass production.

Fashion Design

Designing clothing and accessories.

Engineering Design

A broad category of design that applies to engineered structures, infrastructure, technology and machines.

Software Design

Outlining the structures, components, objects and methods that solve a problem with software.

User Interface Design

Designing interfaces that people use to control and interact with technology.

Graphic Design

Visual designs such as the layout of a magazine.

Information Architecture

Structuring information environments.

Game Design

Designing engaging virtual worlds.

User Experience Design

Looking at end-to-end experiences from the perspective of customers including things like products, services, environments and interactions.

Business Architecture

Analysis and design of strategy, organizational structure, business processes, capabilities and metrics.

Scenic Design

The creation of scenes on a stage, set or in post-production for film, entertainment, media and theatrical performances.

Lighting Design

Designing light environments for night architecture, interiors, theatre and film.

Sound Design

Designing sound environments and productions.
Overview: Design
Definition (1) The practice of conceiving and planning new visualizations, structures, interfaces, products, services, experiences, environments and processes.
Definition (2)The synthesis of new value.
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