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74 Examples of Life Opportunities

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Life opportunities are positive things that you have the resources and capacity to do in your life. Modern life offers a myriad of opportunities in areas such as education, careers, business, cultural experiences, travel, social interaction and personal development. Access to these opportunities is a wonderful thing but many people lack resources or face obstacles and adversity that can reduce opportunity. The following are common examples of life opportunities.
Access to Good Schools
Adopting a Pet
Adventure Sports
Advocacy Campaigns
Art Exhibitions
Book Clubs
Business Partnerships
Camping & Hiking
Collaborative Projects
Community Events
Community Service Projects
Cooking School
Creative Residencies
Cultural Exchange Programs
Cultural Exchanges
Dance Lessons
Doing Good
Entrepreneurial Ventures
Environmental Action
Epic Experiences In Video Games
Fitness Classes
Food Festivals
Friends of Friends
Fundraisers & Galas
Fundraising Events
Getting Into College
Internship Programs
Job Openings
Job Promotions
Joining a Sports Team
Language Learning
Local Festivals
Meetup Groups
Music Classes
Music Festivals
Neighborhood Gatherings
Networking Events
Outdoor Activities
Performance Opportunities
Political Activism
Political Participation
Professional Associations
Protest Movements
Research Opportunities
Road Trips
Sailing & Boating
School Clubs
Seasonal Events
Social Clubs
Starting a Band
Studying Abroad
Support Groups
Taking on Responsibilities
Theatrical Productions
Travel Opportunities
Volunteer Abroad Programs
Working Holidays
Writing Competitions
Writing Projects

Education Opportunities

The opportunity to learn and to immerse yourself in the social and academic environments of schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions. Schools are a source of knowledge, development, extracurricular activities, social interaction, cultural capital and relational capital and are a fundamental type of life opportunity.

Career Opportunities

Opportunities to establish your career, change your career, advance in your career or find ways to enjoy your working life more.

Cultural Opportunities

Opportunities to experience and participate in culture including areas such as art, performance art, music, sports, festivals, holidays, cuisine and traditions.

Travel Opportunities

The opportunity to explore the world and its cultures. This includes a variety of travel strategies that allow for extended stays such as working, volunteering or studying abroad. It is also possible to find a variety of jobs that involve intensive travel including careers directly in the travel industry such as pilot or flight attendant.

Social Opportunities

Opportunities to socialize and meet people. This includes getting involved in things in your community, work and school. It is also possible to engage others based on shared interests and experiences such as online video games or dance classes. Another potent type of opportunity is to meet friends of friends to extend your network out with time.

Development Opportunities

Opportunities to develop as a person including elements such as character, talents and way of life. This can include problems, issues and challenges that may be difficult at the time but you may realize at some point that it was these difficulties that pushed you to change and develop strengths.

Life Events

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