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What is Tone At The Top?

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Tone at the top is a term for the ethical climate of an organization's senior managers, board of directors and audit committee. It includes prevailing attitudes towards fiduciary duty, financial diligence, risk, compliance to the law, employees, communities and the environment.

Tone at the Top & Risk

A poor ethical climate at the top of an organization tends to create risks across an organization as this tends to translate downwards. If executive managers are extremely aggressive about timing good news and bad news to maximize their compensation, the organization may do the same. If executive managers are only interested in short term gains and bury all future risks, the organization may do the same. If executive managers are out of step with the ethics of the community, organizations may be as well. As such, tone at the top may be a good predictor of the long term performance of an organization and likelihood for financial scandals, compliance violations and other failures.
Overview: Tone At The Top
The ethical climate amongst an organization's board of directors, executive management and audit committee.
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