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Business Risks

What is Self Dealing?

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Self-dealing is a breach of fiduciary duty that involves directly or indirectly doing deals with yourself. It is characterized by decisions and actions that are in self-interest in violation of a duty to represent the interests of shareholders, clients, patients and anyone else you are representing as a fiduciary.
Overview: Self Dealing
Definition (1)
A violation of a fiduciary duty motivated by self-interest.
Definition (2)
Acting in self-interest in violation of a duty to act with loyalty and diligence in the best interests of another.
A company that leases office space from a building owned by a corporate officer.
A doctor who recommends a treatment to a patient because she is paid incentives by a pharmaceutical company.
A legal guardian who directs a young actress to skip mandatory education in order to make money that benefits the legal guardian in some way.
An agent for a buyer fails to disclose material information such as risks because they fear it will jeopardize a commission.
A corporate officer who uses corporate funds for personal uses such as wining and dining friends.
A corporate officer who awards contracts to firms in which they have some interest.
A government employee who exchanges influence for a job offer in violation of their fiduciary duty to the public.
A corporate officer who discovers a business opportunity in the course of their work that they take for themselves.
A politician who sponsors or supports legislation in exchange for future public speaking fees.
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