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30+ Compliance Terms

 , December 13, 2015 updated on November 05, 2016
Compliance is the practice of conforming to rules, regulations, specifications, standards and laws. It is a critical aspect of corporate governance that manages compliance, regulatory, financial and reputational risks. In many cases, ensuring compliance to laws and regulations entails organizational change, technology implementations, oversight and audits. As such, compliance can be a major cost and organizational challenge in heavily regulated industries such as banking. The following are a few key concepts related to compliance.
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Anti-Competitive Practices

An overview of anti-competitive practices with examples.

Conflict Of Interest

A few examples of conflict of interest.

Consumer Protection

The definition of consumer protection with examples.

Fiduciary Duty

An overview of fiduciary duty.

Insider Information

The definition of insider information with examples.

Compliance Risk

The definition of compliance risk with examples.

Compliance Testing

A few examples of compliance testing.

Information Technology Governance

A list of common IT Governance functions.

IT Governance

The discipline of controlling and directing the information and technology of an organization to achieve objectives and manage risks.

Strategic Planning

A list of techniques for developing and implementing a strategy.

Business Risks

A list of common business risks.

Types of Technology

A reasonably comprehensive list of information technologies.

Chargeback vs Showback

The difference between an IT chargeback and showback.

Technology Risk Management

A reasonably comprehensive overview of technology risk management.

Technology Disadvantages

An overview of the potential disadvantages of technology with examples.

IT Strategy

A list of IT strategy examples.

Risk Management

An overview of the risk management process.

Cascading Failure vs Resilience

An overview of cascading failure and resilience.

Business As Usual

An overview of business as usual.

Risk Mitigation

A list of techniques for reducing risk.

Risk Mitigation vs Risk Reduction

The difference between risk mitigation and risk reduction.

Risk Control

A list of common risk controls.

Risk Value

A definition of risk value with example calculation.

Risk Impact

The common types of risk impact.

Risk Communication

A definition of risk communication with examples.

Risk Management Process

Overview of the steps in a risk management process.
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