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57 Examples of Core Values

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Core values are intractable principles that are adopted by a society, culture, organization, group or individual to guide strategy, policy, decision making and action. These are values that are not expected to be changed such that they provide direction and long term stability to your efforts. The following are illustrative examples of core values.


The principle that you will be fiercely competitive and driven.
Strive to be the best.


A statement that you will not be easily discouraged but will push through challenges.
Never give up.


The principle that you will not find excuses to slow things down but will rather find ways to do things surprisingly fast.
Maintain a sense of urgency and work to speed.


Leading such that you pave a way that many follow.
Define the future.


Acceptance of change and rejection of resistance to change.
Change faster than the competition.


A pledge to maintain fidelity with the past.
Live the tradition.


The unambiguous principle that you will have an overwhelmingly positive impact on the world.
Make the world a better place for everyone.


Responsible stewardship of resources.
Do no harm to air, water, soil or ecosystems.

Global Responsibility

Thinking beyond your community to make the world a better place.


Building systems to last and allowing external systems such as ecosystems to last by not harming them.
Do everything in a sustainable manner in order to make the future better for planet, people and stakeholders of our company.


The principle that you freely and openly share information.
Work to openly give stakeholders the information they need.


The principle that you do not discriminate.
Do not treat people differently based on their race, appearance, age, gender, religion, belief, disability, family status, pregnancy or sexual orientation.


The principle that opportunity and reward are based on an individual's merits as opposed to factors such as who they know.
Opportunity and reward are merit based.


Sympathy for the misfortune of others and a drive to help those who need it.
Always help those in need.


The principle that diversity has value. This can include both intellectual diversity and diversity of background.
Include and collaborate with people of diverse backgrounds, cultures and beliefs.

Tolerance for Disagreement

A principle that asks for open criticism of ideas.
Openly, candidly and bravely explore ideas and handle criticism positively.


Civility is a demonstration of respect for people and society.
Afford everyone respect and personal courtesy, even if you strongly disagree with them.


The principle that you remain polite in the face of stress, disrespect and insult.
Take the high road and remain professional and polite.


Candor is the quality of being open and honest in communication.
We communicate with candor and do not hold back valuable information or criticism.


Encouraging people to work together productively.
Work together as a team and avoid negative politics.


Recognizing the talents and successes of others.
We take time to celebrate successes and recognize talented contributors.

Risk Taking

Embracing calculated risk taking.
Experiment, challenge and take worthy risks.

Risk Management

The principles that risks be identified, analyzed and treated.
Identify and manage risk.


Resilience is the design of systems, services and infrastructure to withstand to stresses. A resilient design prevents risks before they can even be identified. As such, resilience can be orders of magnitude more valuable than a reactive risk management stance.
Design for resilience.

Design Thinking

Design thinking is the use of design to solve problems that aren't traditionally viewed as design.
We solve most problems with design.


A principle such as fail well that deals with failure and how to bravely experiment without taking large risks.
Fail cheap, safe, quick and often.


Building systems, services and products to provide consistent performance in a wide range of real world conditions over time.
We build things that rarely break.


Quality is the real value of something to a customer, business or end-user.
Quality is always our top priority.


The principle that you not waste money.
Constantly eliminate unnecessary cost.


Creativity is the development of non-obvious value.
Work with creativity and passion to find leaps forward.


Designing things to be accessible for as many people as possible including people with disabilities.


Principles related to the design of things to be easy, pleasing and productive to use.
If it's not a pleasure to use, it's not worth shipping.

Customer Needs

A dedication to serving customer needs.
Solve problems for the customer.

Health & Safety

Prioritizing the health and safety of employees, customers and communities above all else.
Safety first.


The pursuit of learning and personal growth.
Take time to learn, develop and grow.


Mastery is the pursuit of perfection in an art, domain or profession. This requires discipline and time.
Pursue refinement and mastery of your art.


Communication related principles such as the use of plain language.
Communicate with clear, succinct language.


Principles that call for devoting your full attention to someone when they are speaking.
Listen with intent to understand.


The principle that you make decisions bravely and take responsibility for both failure and success.
Promptly make the best decision possible and stand by results.


The open-minded pursuit of truth as opposed to blindly promoting an agenda.
We base analysis on an honest weighting of all available evidence.


Principles that ask for humility.
Maintain a healthy fear of forces that have the power to disrupt your plans.


The principle that you place trust in people and give them the benefit of doubt.
Trust by default.


Values related to not faking anything.
Own it, deserve it.


Affording special respect to your customers and focusing your efforts on their needs.
The customer is always right.


Principles related to confidentiality and privacy.
Respect the customer's right to privacy.


The pursuit of innovation.
We aggressively seek leaps forward.


Principles related to regular improvement.
Improve, measure, improve again in quick cycles.

Work Ethic

Principles related to working hard or diligently.
We work with intensity and focus.


The principle that you will fight mediocrity and complacency.
Good isn't good enough.


Productivity is the amount you produce in an hour of work.
Eliminate toil.


Efficiency is the output you get for a unit of input.
Push to reduce waste.

Time Management

Time management values may be an embrace of a time management technique or a general principle to use time wisely.
Find ways to do more with the time you are given.


Values related to competitive spirit.
Winning isn't a sometimes thing; it's an all the time thing.
~ Vince Lombardi


Principles related to keeping things as simple as possible.


An embrace of complexity that has value.


Principles related to morals such as honesty and fairness.
Avoid doing what you would blame others for doing.
~ Thales

Quality of Life

Prioritizing quality of life, happiness and self-fulfillment.
Do that which will make you happy with yourself.


The values above are examples and are not consistent as a set.
Any similarity between the list above and published corporate values are coincidental.
Overview: Core Values
Intractable principles that are adopted by a society, culture, organization, group or individual to guide strategy, policy, decision making and action.
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