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26 Examples of Measurement

 , December 21, 2015 updated on June 22, 2022
Measurement is the process of quantifying the physical world with a number. This is performed with a variety of tools, sensors, systems and calculations that measure different aspects of things. Each measurement is captured using standard units such as those provided by the metric system, United States customary units or the Imperial system. The following are common examples of measurements.
ToolMeasurementStandard Units
ClockTimeSecond, Minutes, Hours
RulerLength, Width, HeightInches, Feet, Centimeters, Meters
Angle Ruler / ProtractorAngleDegrees (°)
ScaleWeight / MassPounds / Kilograms
Measuring Cup / Beaker GlassVolumeOunces / Quarts / Gallons / Milliliters/ Liters
ThermometerTemperature°F / °C
OdometerDistance TraveledMiles / Kilometers
SpeedometerSpeed / VelocityMiles per hour (mph), Kilometers per hour (km/h)
Global Positioning SystemLocation on surface of the planetLatitude and Longitude
AmmeterElectrical CurrentAmperes
VoltmeterElectric PotentialVolts
BarometerAtmospheric Pressure Atmospheres / Bars
HygrometersHumidity Relative Humidity (%)
AnemometersWind Speed and DirectionFeet Per Minute / Meters Per Second
Sound Level MeterSound Levels Decibels (dB)
TheodoliteAngles Between Two Points (e.g. surveying)Radians (rad) / Degrees (°) / Seconds of Arc (arcsec)
LevelLevel Surface, Plumb SurfaceDegrees (°)
Operating SystemsFile Size / Data SizeBytes
Electrical MeterElectricity Consumption Kilowatt Hours (kWh)
CalorimeterHeat Output of a Fuel (e.g. the energy in food)Calories / Small Calories / Kilogram Calories
Seismograph / SeismometerGround motion (i.e. earthquakes) Magnitude
Pressure Meters / Pressure Gauges / ManometersPressure of a Liquid or GasPounds Per Square Inch (psi), Megapascal (MPa)
pH MeterAcidity / AlkalinitypH
AltimeterAltitudeFeet / Meters
Depth FinderDepth of WaterFeet / Meters

Everyday Examples

A pilot checks their altimeter as they land an aircraft.
An elevator uses a scale to weigh passengers and will beep and refuse to move if total passenger weight exceeds its capacity.
A driver checks their speedometer to see if they are speeding.
A chef uses a measuring cup to measure 14 ounces of milk.
A scientist uses a thermometer to determine the temperature of a liquid in an experiment.
A construction site uses a sound level meter as a tool of health and safety. They file safety reports that capture the daily maximum sound levels recorded.
A carpenter uses a level to make sure a floor is level.
A student uses a protractor to measure an angle on a math test.


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