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Design Thinking vs Scientific Methods

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Design thinking and scientific methods are both approaches for solving problems, learning and developing knowledge. Design thinking is based on the talent of designers who synthesize solutions. Scientific methods are based on empirical or measurable evidence and principles of reasoning. The following are several differences between the two approaches.

Past vs Future

Science is based on data that is typically historical in nature. Design tends to imagine the future.

Tangible vs Intangible

Design values intangible things such as aesthetics or emotion that science doesn't often touch upon.

Human vs Data

Design is more of a human-driven practice whereas science is more data-driven.

Synthesis vs Analysis

Design thinking is often described as a process of synthesis whereas science is more focused on analysis. This isn't a strict rule, design does use analysis and science involves synthesis of a hypothesis.
Design Thinking vs Scientific Methods
Design Thinking
Scientific Methods
A human driven process of synthesis.
A rigorous process of analysis and discovery based on empirical or measurable evidence and principles of reasoning.

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