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56 Examples of Robotics

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Robots are a class of machine that have autonomous capabilities, meaning that they can do things in the physical world independently of external control. These range from relatively dumb equipment such as an elevator that knows not to hit people with its doors to more sophisticated machines that can respond to a variety of real-world conditions. The following are illustrative examples of robotics.
Agricultural drones
Agricultural robots
Automated teller machines (ATM)
Automated traffic gates
Automatic doors
Autonomous boats
Autonomous cars
Autonomous drones
Autonomous planes
Autonomous submarines
Autonomous trucks
Autopilot in an aircraft
Biomedical robots
Building inspection robots
Cleaning robots and drones
Construction robots and drones
Delivery robots and drones
Educational robots and robot kits
Firefighting robots
Forestry robots
Hospitality robots e.g. robot waiters
Human augmentation devices
Industrial robots
Inspection robots
Logistics robots
Manufacturing automation equipment
Marine robotics
Military drones and robots
Mining robots
Personal drones
Personal mobility equipment
Railway crossings
Rehabilitation robots
Robot vacuum cleaners
Robotic companions
Robotic lawn mowers
Robotic pets
Robotic prosthetics
Robotic toys
Search and rescue robots and drones
Security infrastructure such as entry systems
Self-cleaning machines
Self-driving vehicles
Space robots
Surgical robots
Surveillance drones
Swarm robotics
Teleoperated and telepresence robots
Traffic management infrastructure
Underwater drones
Unmanned vehicles
Warehouse automation equipment
Waste management infrastructure
Weather balloons
Welding robots
The test of whether a machine can be considered robotic is whether or not it does physical things autonomously or semi-autonomously. For example, a microwave oven often isn't robotic but could be robotic if it automatically scans food and decides how it needs to be heated.


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