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Null Hypothesis

3 Examples of an Experiment Design

 , July 18, 2018 updated on February 26, 2021
An experiment design is a plan to execute an experiment. This includes details such as a hypothesis, treatments and controls that allow others to evaluate your experiment or replicate it. The following are illustrative examples of an experiment design.

Soil Desalination

A simple experiment with a single negative control to determine if a series of overwaterings will lower the salt content of soil in a pot. This begins with a purpose statement that outlines the question you are investigating. In practice, this often includes some background information such as the results of similar research. This is followed by identification of a null hypothesis, alternative hypothesis, independent variables, dependent variables and confounding variables. The design also includes textual descriptions of treatment, control and random assignment procedures.


An experiment to test if a toothpaste solution can disinfect a surface. This experiment design includes a positive control which is a disinfectant that is known to be somewhat effective.


The following experiment design goes further to indicate why the alternative hypothesis is possible. It has no negative or positive control but is a comparison of two treatments.
Overview: Experiment Design
A plan to execute an experiment.
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