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7 Examples of IT Systems

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Systems is a class of software that provide services to applications and other systems. This is associated with core operational technologies that automate work, control equipment and provide data processing services. The following are illustrative examples of systems.


A banking app connects to a banking system that can execute financial transactions such as a stock trade.


An ecommerce site automatically obtains product descriptions from supply partners on a daily basis using a data integration service.


A social media platform offers an API as a service that allows applications to access data and push content to the platform. For example, a marketing application can connect to the API to calculate brand engagement by looking at conversations on the platform about a brand.


A manufacturing control system orchestrates the work of robots and other machines on a production line.


A traction control system coordinates the actions of four wheels in an all wheel drive vehicle.


A system that controls a scientific instrument such as a space telescope.


A system of controls and management applications that is used to manage a power grid.
Overview: Systems
Definition (1)
Software that automates work and provides data processing services.
Definition (2)
Software that provides services to applications and systems.
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