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15 Types Of Growth

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Growth is an increase or decrease in something. It is modeled using classes of mathematical functions such as linear, exponential, logarithmic and hyperbolic growth. Growth can also be classified according to its quality and impact to a business or community. The following are a few commonly cited types of growth.

Bottom Line Growth

Growth in a company's net income defined as income after all expenses have been deducted. A bottom-line can grow due to improved revenue, reduced costs or both.

Bounded Growth

A growth rate that is constantly decreasing. Results in reaching a boundary that is approached but never crossed.

Economic Growth

Growth as measured by Gross Domestic Product or a similar measure that captures all economic activity for a nation or region.

Exponential Growth

An ever increasing rate of growth. Exponential growth may start slowly but eventually reaches a high rate of growth that jumps upwards.

Hyperbolic Growth

Growth that experiences a singularity meaning that it suddenly jumps to infinity at a point in time.

Inorganic Growth

An investing term for growth that's accomplished by acquiring or merging companies.

Linear Growth

Growth that adds a constant amount with each unit of time. For example, a landscaper may be able to plant three trees a day.

Logarithmic Growth

The inverse of exponential growth whereby a growth rate is constantly decreasing. Tends to be very slow from the start.

Logistic Growth

A rate of growth that slows as it approaches a limit. For example, the growth of a company will typically slow as it approaches 100% market share in its primary market.

Organic Growth

An investing term for growth that is achieved through a firm's own efforts as opposed to acquiring or merging with other firms.


A sudden jump to infinity at a point in time.

Sustainable Growth

Growth that doesn't harm quality of life or the environment.

Top Line Growth

An investing term for sales growth.

Uneconomic Growth

Destructive forms of growth that temporarily boost the economic output of a nation, region or firm.

Unsustainable Growth

Growth that damages or uses up common resources and/or results in declining quality of life for communities.

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