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25 Examples of a Social Relationship

 , October 04, 2022
A social relationship is a sustained series of social interactions between two or more people. These are important as they allow people to get to know each other, to cooperate and to fulfill social needs. Social relationships tend to be much more strongly bounded by norms than transactional social processes. For example, in a city where people are cold and relatively impolite towards strangers in the street they may be extraordinarily polite and considerate towards social relations such as neighbors, family and coworkers. The following are illustrative examples of a social relationship.
Activity Partners
Boyfriend / Girlfriend / Significant Other
Business Partners
Classmates / School Peers
Common-law Marriage
Customer / Client
Grandmother / Grandfather / Grandparent
Investors (in your business)
Life Partner
Mother / Father / Parent
Romantic Relationships

Personal Relationship vs Social Relationship

All relationships are social as is any interaction between people. A personal relationship is a relationship that is interdependent and closely tied to your social needs. Common examples include parents, grandparents, siblings, friends and romantic relationships such as a spouse.

Voluntary vs Involuntary

A voluntary social relationship is someone that you choose to spend time with such as a friend. An involuntary social relationship is created by circumstances such as where you live or work. For example, a coworker or a neighbor. You can choose to ignore a neighbor but they are still your neighbor and you depend on them in certain ways such as depending on their civility and good behavior as a neighbor.

Social Relationship

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