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15 Examples of Global Perspective

Global perspective is a view of things that considers the entire world as an integrated system and community. This can be difficult to achieve as people inherently see things through social and cognitive lenses such as nationality, ethnicity, culture, community and language. However, it is possible to use objectivity to try to see things at global scale. The following are illustrative examples.
Having equal compassion for people regardless of nationality, ethnicity, language or culture.
Awareness of problems that operate at global scale such as environmental issues.
Requiring governments and corporations to be accountable for their operations and impact abroad.
Looking for local ways to help solve a global problem. This is known as think global, act local.
Viewing yourself as a citizen of the world who is open to experiences on a global basis. This is known as cosmopolitanism.
Looking to how problems have been solved in other places for inspiration.
Analysis of global systems such as the global economy.
Viewing a business as global such that markets, employees and ideas could come from anywhere.
Cultural competence whereby you have learned how to communicate and influence beyond your own background and experience.
A willingness to cooperate at global scale.
Awareness of political forces and corruption at global scale.
Trying to defeat ingroup biases such as an us vs them mentality.
Materials in a topic such as sociology that cover concepts in a way that describes commonalities / differences across all nations.
Searching out knowledge regardless of language or location. For example, an American researcher who reads papers published in dozens of nations and translated from several languages in order to become a global expert in their research area.
Awareness of social forces at global scale such that you can try to read the direction of things. For example, a Japanese politician who is aware of changing social values in the United States and the likelihood these values will influence Japanese society with time.
Overview: Global Perspective
A view of things that considers the entire world as an integrated system and community.
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