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60 Examples of Social Culture

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Social culture are the shared meanings, norms, identities, social structures and expectations that shape social interactions within a culture such as a society or community. Culture is inherently social but includes things such as art, philosophy, symbols and beliefs that don't always have much influence over social interactions. Social culture relates to elements of culture such as social status that greatly influence interpersonal processes and communication. The following are common examples of social culture.
Attitudes toward authority
Body language
Conversational norms
Dating customs
Dress codes
Emotional expression norms
Expressions of gratitude
Eye contact
Facial expressions
Formality & informality
Funeral practices
Gift giving
Humor & wit
Hygiene norms
Ideals regarding behavior
Marriage customs
Modesty norms
Personal freedoms
Personal responsibilities
Personal space
Political ideologies
Privacy expectations
Punctuality expectations
Religious practices
Respect for elders
Rites of passage
Saving face
Sayings & proverbs
Sense of beauty
Sense of comradery
Sense of hospitality
Sense of justice
Sense of place
Sense of reciprocity
Sense of trust
Shared values
Small talk
Social dining practices
Social expectations
Social identity
Social roles
Social status
Status symbols
Table manners
Taboo topics
Technology norms
Unspoken rules


Social culture are the elements of culture that shape social interactions such as norms, social structures and social status. This can be contrasted with cultural expressions and cultural beliefs such as art or values that aren't as directly social in nature.


Culture greatly influences social interaction and communication. For example, a culture where self-promotion is viewed as confidence and humility as weakness as opposed to a culture where modesty is a basic expectation whereby self-promotion is viewed as inappropriate or childish. The following are a few key examples of social culture.
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