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9 Definitions of Class With Examples

Class is a group of things that share a common attribute. This has nuanced meaning in domains such as sociology, education, human behavior and science as follows.
1. [sociology] A social group that share norms and identity based on similar social circumstances such as wealth, status, lifestyle and working life.
The middle class generate disposable income that can be used to save, purchase luxuries or invest in the future.
2. [sociology] A social rank.
She was too classy for him and he knew it.
3. [education] A group of students who are taught together.
The class was dreadfully boring.
4. [education] A course of instruction
Art class was canceled for the term after the teacher fell ill.
5. [education] A body of students who graduate in the same year.
The class of 2034 had plenty of job prospects.
6. [behavior, character trait] A person who is elegant but humble, sophisticated but kind, witty but polite.
She was a class act.
7. [quality] A luxurious standard of quality.
That hotel has class.
8. [quality] A quality grouping
The economy class cabin was uncomfortable.
9. [science, math] A group of things that share a common attribute.
Class O stars are the hottest and most massive.
10. [science, math] A set of numbers or entities.
The class of real numbers.
11. [computing] A template that is used to construct objects.
The design includes a Cost class that is the parent of the Expense class.

Social Class

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