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7 Examples of Medicalization

Medicalization is the process by which human conditions come to be viewed as medical problems. The following are theoretical examples.

Disease Recognition

Identifying a medical problem that people where unaware of in the past. This has clear benefits as a disease that is identified and understood can potentially be treated.

Treatment Over Prevention

Placing more resources into treating a disease than its prevention even if prevention would save far more lives.

Changing Norms

A behavior that may have been viewed as normal or natural in the past that comes to be viewed as a problem with a medical solution.


Attempting to frame the political opposition as having a medical condition that requires treatment in order to sideline them or bring them in line with a political ideology.


The treatment of a health or behavioral problem as if it were a medical condition. For example, treating weight gain with surgery as opposed to diet changes.

Disease Mongering

Generating fear and overdiagnois of a disease in order to sell more medicine or medical treatments.

Therapeutic State

The theory that nations are beginning to view all human issues as medical problems in order to make claim of being a rational society where every human quirk can be explained and managed with medicine. This is analogous to the theocratic state that views everything as a religious issue.
Overview: Medicalization
The process by which human conditions come to be viewed as medical problems.
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