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7 Types of User Experience Design

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User experience design, or UX, is the use of user needs, behavior and perceptions to drive a design process. This means that the success or failure of designs is evaluated in terms of the user. User experience design can be used to design products, services, experiences, media, physical environments and digital environments. The following are the basic types of user experience design.

User Research

User research is the process of engaging with the user to obtain quantitative and qualitative information and feedback regarding user goals, tasks, needs, behavior and perceptions. For example, showing a trailer for a film to users to understand their perceptions and level of interest in the film.

Visual Design

User experience design can be applied to any type of design that users experience directly. This begins with visual design whereby visuals influence user experiences, perceptions and behavior. For example, a button that users largely ignore due to its neutral color.

Interaction Design

Design focused on interactions between users and products, services, media, systems and environments. Considers how users control things and perceive responses.

Information Design

The design of information and information environments. This includes the process of structuring information, visualizing information and providing interactive environments that allow users to explore information.

Product Design

The design of products including functions, features, user interfaces, visual design, information design, packaging and general customer experience.

Service Design

The design of services including service delivery processes, service environments, user interfaces and products related to the service. This can involve an examination of the end-to-end customer journey including all touchpoints with the service.

Commercial Design

The design of commercial facilities potentially including interior design, exterior design and landscaping. This includes specialized types of design such as retail design, hospitality design and office design.


The user experience design evaluates designs in terms of the perceptions and behavior of users. For example, a hat is that is high quality if users perceive it as such or a video game that is entertaining if users engage with it for long periods of time in the real world.
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