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40 Types of Technology Strategy

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Technology strategy is a plan to achieve business goals with information technology. Most technology initiatives can be described using a handful of basic strategies. These include:

Analytics And Reporting

Discovery of meaningful information in data and visualizing it to support decision making.

Architectural Initiatives

Changes to the structure and design of IT.

Audit Trail

Capturing details of digital events such as transactions for use in audits or investigations.

Business Activity Monitoring

Tools for monitoring business processes and events in real time.

Business Rules

Automation of business rule execution.

Collaboration Tools

Technologies that allow teams to make simultaneous contributions to the same work product.

Communication Technology

Communication tools such as voice, text chat, email and shared visual environments.


Calculating things and processing data.

Content And Media Technology

Production, management and distribution of content and media.

Data Analysis

Tools for analyzing data typically using statistical methods.

Data Acquisition

Acquiring data from people, sensors or by integration with data repositories.

Decision Automation

Automation of decisions using techniques such as decision trees or artificial intelligence.

Decision Support

Contextual information that is relevant to decision making.

Design Support

Design tools in areas such as visual design, architectural planning and engineering.

Event Processing

Event processing engines take in streams of events to find patterns that can be actioned by invoking a business service or sending a notification.

Gamification Techniques

The use of game design techniques in business software.


Incorporating geographical and spatial information in business applications such as asset tracking.

Information Security

Defending information technology from unauthorized use, modification or destruction.

Information Visualization

Transformation of data into visualizations that can be intuitively understood.


Basic services such as networking and computing.


The process of combining parts of a business so that they work together including organizational units, processes, technologies and information.

Knowledge Management

Tools for capturing, managing and using knowledge.

Machine Automation

Automation of physical tasks using machines.


Measurement of a business including business metrics and key performance indicators.


Access to business tools from mobile devices.


Replacing legacy technology that represents an inefficiency and risk.


Forecasting future business parameters such as industry trends or sales.

Process Automation

The automation or semi-automation of business processes.

Process Improvement

Strategies to incrementally optimize a business process typically using management accounting techniques.

Process Orchestration

A type of process automation that is handled by a central controller.

Productivity Tools

General purpose tools for office productivity such as document creation.


An advanced form of machine automation that implies some level of autonomous functionality.

Scientitic Computing

The use of computing to support scientific research and calculation.


Tools for locating information across large data repositories and networks.

Self Service

Functionality that allows customers, employees and partners to complete tasks without assistance.

Service Management

Services that manage information technology including service operation and service desk.


Simulation of real world things for purposes such as research, training and entertainment.

Technology Experience

Strategies designed to improve user interfaces and visualizations.

Transaction Processing

Processing of transactions such as ecommerce purchases.


Processes that include both automation and human tasks.

Technology Strategy

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