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Artificial Intelligence Guide

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Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is software that learns and self improves. This can take a physical form such as a spacecraft or a robot. However, in many cases AI is embedded into services that have no physical form such as bots. The following are key topics related to artificial intelligence.


Stuff that you can go out and build today.


A few foundational ideas.

Tests for Intelligence

Testing machines for intelligence.

Advanced Topics

Ideas that are somewhere between science fiction and potential reality.


Examples of problem spaces that are complex enough to benefit from machine learning approaches.
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Types Of Artificial Intelligence

A few common types of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence Tests

A few ways to test for artificial intelligence.

Machine Biases

An overview of machine biases.

Natural Language Processing

The common types of natural language processing.

Supervised Learning

A definition of supervised learning with examples.

Unsupervised Learning

A definition of unsupervised learning with a few examples.

Problem Solving

An overview of problem solving with examples.

Thought Processes

A list of thinking approaches and types.


A definition of workaround with examples.

Creative Thinking

A list of common creative thinking techniques.


A list of common types of problems.

Analysis Paralysis

The definition of analysis paralysis with examples.


A few logic terms explained.

Law Of Excluded Middle

A classical law of logic first established by Aristotle.

Logic vs Intelligence

The difference between logic and intelligence.


The definition of causality with examples.

Magical Thinking

The definition of magical thinking with examples.


The definition of scientism with examples.
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