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Examples of how technology disrupted societies, economies, industries and culture.

Technology Opposite

A list of opposites of technology.

Space Things

A list of astronomical objects and phenomenon.


An overview of analog with examples.

New Media Examples

An overview of new media with examples.

Computer Examples

A list of everyday things that are computers or have computers embedded in them.

Modern Technology

An overview of modern technology with examples.

Business Technology

A list of business technologies.

Technology Environment

An overview of the technological environment with examples.

Analog Devices

An overview of analog devices with examples.

Impact Of Technology

Examples of the social, cultural and economic impact of technology.

IT Artifact

The definition of IT artifact with examples.

Traditional Technology

An overview of traditional technology with examples.

Words To Describe Technology

A vocabulary for describing technology.

Technology Change

An overview of technology change with examples.

Technology Culture Examples

Examples of technology cultures.
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