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What is an Enfilade?

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An enfilade is the formal alignment of rooms and their doors. It was a common feature of grand palaces of European architecture from the 17th century onwards.

Physical Manifestation of Aristocracy

An enfilade creates a stunning effect in a large home as you can see from one end to the other. Rooms in palaces were arranged in a strict hierarchy that began with a reception hall followed by various state rooms. The enfilade was often used as a physical representation of the hierarchy of European royalty and nobility. Visitors were allowed as deep as their status allowed. Notes of visits often recounted whether a visitor was allowed to the center of a room or was greeted at the door.
Beyond status, rooms also become more intimate as they progress and often end in the bedroom for a King, Queen, Prince or Peer. Large palaces might include 2 or 3 suites that each have an elaborate series of state rooms arranged in an enfilade.

Modern Enfilade

An enfilade of three rooms or more can make a house or apartment feel large when the doors are open. They are also efficient for moving large numbers of people through a space and are common in public buildings such as museums that receive large crowds.
Overview: Enfilade
A formal alignment of a suite of rooms and their doors.
Discloses the dimensions of an interior and has a stunning effect in a large home.
Physical representation of hierarchy and status.
Facilitates the movement of crowds as it is difficult to get lost.
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