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42 Types of Deep Color

 , July 30, 2020
A deep color is a dark or medium color that is relatively bright. This is based on allegorical thinking whereby such colors look like a deep pool of rich color. Deep colors are perceived as lavish, opulent and stately but can be distracting in large amounts. For example, a room completely painted in a deep color may feel unsettling unless the room also has a lot of white space such as windows. The following are common deep colors.
Deep Black
Midnight Green
Deep Turquoise Green
Deep Myrtle Green
Deep Teal
Bottle Green
Mayan Blue
Duck Blue
Deep Cerulean
Deep Peacock Blue
Deep Sea Green
Deep Blue
Deep Sky Blue
Egyptian Blue
Martian Green
Midnight Blue
Polynesian Blue
Medieval Blue
Deep Violet
Deep Brown
Deep Purple
Deep Cobalt
Deep Bronze
Deep Blackberry
Maximum Purple
Deep Claret
Deep Aquamarine
Deep Red
Deep Magenta
Lychee Red
Deep Coral
Deep Orange
Deep Blush
Deep Champagne
Maximum Yellow
Shocking Pink
Maximum Orange
Deep Saffron

Deep Color

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